We’re the architecture students of BCIT

Yes, BCIT has an architecture program, and YES! we’re looking to connect with everyone who wants to take part in our slowly growing architectural scene.

As architecture students typically make it sound, studying and learning about architecture, building technology and construction is a lot of work! We usually live in our dimly lit studios and classrooms at NE1 for most of the academic year. This makes it pretty tough to have any social interactions with the rest of our school — may they be neighbouring similar faculties like interior design or other unseen students with an interest in architecture in far away corners of the campus like.. the engineering students in SW9.

Back in 2013, some fourth year students realized the need for a greater connection between students at BCIT who were interested in architecture. They wanted a way to get to know these students, create a space for architectural discourse, learn more about the industry, and about their futures after graduation. These aspirations and ideas led to the creation of the Architectural Connections Club!

The club mostly connects students from the Architectural Building Technology program (1st-2nd years) and the Architectural Science program (3rd-4th years), but we’re excited about connecting with anyone at BCIT who wants to take part! 🙂 We get together and host events like mixers, design competitions, bring in influential professionals in our industry for talks, celebrate milestones together (like skiing at the end of semester!) and generally support each other in our desire to practice and learn about architecture.

Studio at night – when the right kind of creativity comes out every once in a while..

I remember having the toughest time finding information about undergraduate architectural programs in BC before I came to BCIT. I really could have used more information about programs offered, and would have loved a behind-the-scenes look at what it was like. Luckily, I found my way here and now I’m a 4th year in the Architectural Science program. Our 4th year class is a tight-knit group of 23 students. The program is one-of-a-kind for sure, and like many of BCIT’s other programs, the course load is intensive but the passionate people and studio culture we have is strong and well-cherished.

To give others insights about what we do, and what BCIT’s architecture students are about, we’re going to share some of our stories and experiences, topics we’re excited about, ramblings about our studio life, and.. you’ll see! Hopefully these blog entries can help a prospective student make some choices about coming to BCIT, an alumni reminisce about the studio life, or just be a fun read for some curious minds out there.

Cheers everyone, stay tuned for the next one.


Luxmy Ragunathan – VP Marketing at Architectural Connections

Come say hi on instagram: @luxmy_r

If you’d like to know more about the architecture programs at BCIT, please send over an email to us at information@architecturalconnections.ca

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